About Coding Spellbook

An Interactive Textbook for Data Structures - 

Bored by 80-slide powerpoint lectures? Want to see what CS concepts mean visually? Tired of 300-page textbooks with irrelevant or nonexistent pictures?

I'm Aria, and I was tired of one-way presentations in my CS courses. I wrote Coding Spellbook so that future students can learn about CS the way I wish I had.


For example, on the left is a traditional lecture slide, full of one-way information presented at the student. On the right is a Coding Spellbook slide. The most important thing I wanted to change from my CS education was how one-directional instruction was. Instead of a one-way presentation of facts, the Coding Spellbook slide on the right asks you to modify a visual structure to teach yourself the algorithm for removal.

Here are some more screenshots to give you an idea of what Coding Spellbook is like. Of course, Coding Spellbook is meant to be interactive - the best way to see if it'll be useful for you is to download it and try for yourself.
For questions or comments, contact me at aria (at) toole1 (dot) com